Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dubstep Saved My Life Vol. 6 Side B

Attention! The link for download has been taken down because blogger told me to! Please go to http://www.facebook.com/DubstepSavedMyLife for the download link!

Thank you guys again for all the positive feedback! Thank you all my friends that have helped out with providing suggestions and always hooking it up with excellent music. Shout out the the Double D Productions for the epic weekly BrainStorm dubstehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifp night! Love my Party Crew! Please Like the mix on facebook! I always need new ideas! It's getting tough finding new epic shit. http://www.facebook.com/DubstepSavedMyLife

Thank you Lila for the providing both side A and B artwork! You rock hard! Check her shizz out at http://lilakahnphotos.blogspot.com/

Track List:
01: Shelter - Birdy (Photek Remix)
02: Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz (Borgor Remix)
03: Red Sky - John B
04: Because - (GoldRush Remix)
05: The End - Hyper (Minus Remix)
06: Internet Connection - M.I.A. (Flux Pavilion Remix)
07: Look At Me Now - Chris Brown (Ember Waves Remix)
08: 2 Bad - Roksonix
09: Canvas - Imogen Heap (Torus Remix)
10: Power - SKisM
11: Stay - Hurts (Millions Like Us Remix)
12: How You Like Me Now? - The Heavy (Joker Remix)
13: Sun Of A Gun - Oh Land (Jacob Plant Remix)

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Monday, June 20, 2011

MiHKAL Saved My Life

These mixes have really pulled me through a lot, long drives, sleepless nights, cuddle sessions, comedowns, comeups..... MiHKAL is one of my all time favorite mash dj dubstepper dude. I really can't explain it to you, you just have to listen.



Hit up his SoundCloud at http://soundcloud.com/mihkal

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dubstep Saved My Life Vol. 6 Side A

Oh wow what a week! Harmony Festival, Techno Tribal, Sugarpill at BrainStorm, and Gladkill album release show. Epic. Everyone's been getting on my case about how long it's been taking to get this out o.O
There are 3 songs that are remixes of the music I used to listen to back in highschool, the Pretty Lights song rocks 3 songs in one, I dig.
Special thanks to Lila for the awesome artwork, your photography is amazing! Check out her blog here! http://lilakahnphotos.blogspot.com/

Track List:
01: A Brief Introduction On Dubstep Production - Dubba Jonny
02: Origin - The Widdler
03: All Fall Down Feat. Shaz Sparks Club Mix - Camo & Krooked
04: Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Love and Light Remix)
05: I Need You Feat. Jagga - TMS (Jacob Plant Remix)
06: The General - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Marcus Visionary Remix)
07: Yael Naim - Too Long (ZeroPointOne Remix)
08: Relax - Cookie Monsta
09: Fierce - Dodge & Fuski
10: Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN - Pretty Lights
11: Got 2 Know - Flux Pavilion
12: Santeria - Sublime (JPod Remix)

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