Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dubstep Saved My Life Vol. 7 Side B LOAF EDITION!

So I left it up to my Scorpicorn partner in crime, Loaf, to come up with my next hit mix as a homework assignment for something to do while recovering from being a hardcore motherfucker.
She fucking provided!
I love all of it and it's totally dubstep but a different kind than what I can usually find. I'm totally happy to add this to my mixes and jam to these in the master DSML playlist of all the mixes. These are the soundtracks to my life.

Loaf says that she really enjoyed making the mix, dubstep's the shit, and WAKE THE FUCK UP!

(LOAF and SKRILLEX @ EDC Las Vegas!)

And NOW!!!!!

Track List:
01: Pacifica - Spor (Chasing Shadows Remix)
02: Guillotine - Quaver ft. A Girl and A Gun (Callum B Remix)
03: Blue - Dubba Jonny
04: Guilt - Nero (DallasK Remix)
05: And The Beat Goes On - Terravita
06: Glaciers - Her Majesty & The Wolves (Rokosonix Remix)
07: Hate - Joel Kolltveit
08: Red - Laid Blak (Chasing Shadows Remix)
09: Prince - D.eftones (BN Remix)
10: Final Escape - JavanDee (Dantini Remix)
11: Reach You ft. Lena Cullen (Engine-Earz Remix)
12: Wabbit - Misshin
13: Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic - King Fantastic (Knight Riderz Remix)
14: Flashing Lights ft. Sub Focus & Takura (Chase & Status Remix)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

MiHKAL Saved My Life AGAIN!

Yeaaaahhhh.... I know the title is lame, but I am running out of MiHKAL (saved my life) ideas... hahaha. So, as promised this morning on Facebook, here is the latest upload from MiHKAL. Dropped in San Francisco at Temple a few days ago.

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I give you MiHKAL ~ LiVE @ RE:CREATiON


MiHKAL ~ LiVE @ RE:CREATiON (Megaupload)

Track List:

Emancipator - First Snow (Ooah Remix) - (1320 Records)
Simplex - Theia - (Soundcloud)
R/D - Your Misty Eyes Are M.I.N.E - (The Designed Disorder)
Deathstar - Seismic - (Soundcloud)
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Maps (Sugarpill's TehSlideBass Remix) - (SoundCloud)
ill-Esha - Cherry Blossoms - (True Score Theory)
Hanssen Ft. Chadwick - Rising sun (Splatinum Remix) - (Dubstep Records)
Pillow Fight - Hand on the Steel - (Prime Dub Records)
Minnesota - Push it - (Tycho Records)
Phetsta - Dance All Night - (Technique Recordings)
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light - The One ft. Delvo - (Muti Music)
DCarls - Runaway - (Simplify Recordings)
Ben Samples - Drop Bombs (ChrisB Remix) - (Daly City Records)
Unlimited Gravity - THose Little THings - (Bandcamp)
Slim THugz - Fistful of Dollaz ft. Yound Joc - (Bandcamp)
Ghetto Sexuual - Planetary Two Step - (Abstract Logic Recordings)
ChrisB & David Block - In The Name of - (Simplify Recordings)
Sugarpill - Delirious - (Simplify Recordings)
Guttstar - Hot Mess - (Soundcloud)
Gladkill - Out of Your Comfort - (Made in Glitch)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dubstep Saved My Life Vol. 7 Side A

Better a little late than never! This was a fun album for me to throw together. A lot of stuff that I have been jamming to for a long time and a few new ones. Welcome to D.S.M.L. Vol. 7 Side A!

Thank you Sir. Parker Joseph Eyrich for the sweet artwork!

Track List:
01: Heartbreak - M'Black (Bare Noize Remix)
02: Lady Dub - The Widdler
03: Under the Sheets - Ellie Goulding (Jakwob Remix)
04: Journey Of A Lifetime - Zeds Dead
05: Dat Ass - Logun (Crizzly Remix)
06: Pro Nails - Kid Sister (Rusko Remix)
07: Ghosts'N'Stuff - Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire (Nero Remix)
08: Sleepyhead - Passion Pit (Borgore Remix)
09: Eastern Jam - Chase & Status
10: Yin Yang feat. Dz - Excision
11: End Of - Noisses
12: Home - Dubba Jonny

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

MiHKAL is STILL Saving My Life

Here is another little present for you! A little more MiHKAL to hold you off till the next album! Post some of your favorite dubstep in the comments or on the facebook page!

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