Saturday, July 2, 2011

MiHKAL is STILL Saving My Life

Here is another little present for you! A little more MiHKAL to hold you off till the next album! Post some of your favorite dubstep in the comments or on the facebook page!

ALSO check out all the songs from the mixes at



  1. Loved the last song, any way to find a album with all his remixes?

  2. he doesn't have any albums. just a soundcloud
    he's just a really awesome dude from Oakland that makes really awesome shit and throws down hard at shows and festivals. :)

  3. 00:41:00 song name ? pls

  4. I like this track and the picture of is so lovely ;)

  5. Hey guys I just wrote my first dubstep song and was hoping to get some feedback, and I figured a friendly community like this would be a great place to post :)

    If people like my sound I hope to dedicate a lot more time to this!

  6. I have made a bunch of short(~20 second) sound mixs and i need help to put them into full dubstep songs.