Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A DSML Burning Man Gift To You!

Hailing from Oakland, super awesome DJ/producer chick Carly-D can really rock the playa! Saw two or three of her Burning Man sets and plenty of times at my local dubstep nights BrainStorm and tons in SF. Always throwing down hard.

Anyway, we were lucky enough for her to snag this up so I can remember this night forever!

Carly-D ~ Rites of Slappage [Live @ Ohm Drone Burning Man 2011] by Carly-D

Carly-D Rites of Slappage Burning Man 2011 Set


  1. I have made a bunch of short(~20 second) sound mixs and i need help to put them into full dubstep songs.
    P.S. I didn't mean to comment this twice.

  2. I have one favorite chick dj/producer. She is from Russia, but her stuff is great. Trully massive. I think her latest tracks is inspired by Burial. She is born in year 1990 but already featuret on 3 labels - Ranking Records, Smoking Sessions and Redvolume.
    As I said I like deep end dubstep so the track I am showing is massive of her in my opinion.
    Marina Faib - Invisible Light

    But her other tracks are beautifull too.[burial like] And She has a collab with Synkro too.